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The Morning Routine and Bedtime Routine

Jan’s mom, Viola, was always an early riser. She’d get up early to enjoy a quiet morning coffee and then get breakfast made for her husband and kids. That’s how she started every busy day. After the kids grew up, moved out and started families of their own, Viola still made it her habit to have breakfast ready for her husband. Then, on family vacations and holidays she’d be the one everyone would turn to early in the morning until late at night.

Viola, now 85, doesn’t find rising early so easy anymore – especially after breaking her hip a year ago. At a recent family reunion, Viola stayed with Jan and her family – and Jan noticed how Viola struggled getting up and ready – waking up, washing up and going through morning routines wasn’t easy. Jan wondered, how her mom did all this at home alone since dad passed away a few years ago. Viola was adamant she didn’t need any help – but, Jan noticed Viola just wasn’t the same.

Jan couldn’t be there to help her mom every morning and evening. But, also knew trying to get mom to move out of the old family house was not a battle she was ready to fight yet. The recent battle over handing over the car keys was still fresh in her memory.

Jan talked with some friends, and they recommended she look into home care. Home care companies, like Beam, will provide assistance with waking up and going to bed among other things based on their client’s schedule. The personal service assistants will make the coffee, help their client get up out of bed, help with showers, grooming and dressing – and get them on their way for the day.

When it’s time to settle in for the night, a personal services assistant can come back to the house. They can help their client with cleaning up after dinner and provide a helping hand with getting ready for bed.

At Beam, we help clients live life their way.

The Social Spouse

Bob and Maggie have been married for more than 50 years. Now living in a retirement community for about 4 years, they were both very active in social events and outings. Maggie loved to volunteer with literacy programs for children and spend time organizing reading materials at the local elementary school and public library.

About two year ago, Bob started forgetting things. One day while out delivering Meals on Wheels in an area he drove around for years as a mail man, he got lost. Frustrated, he had to stop and call Maggie for help. Bob was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

As his symptoms progressed, Maggie was afraid to leave Bob in the apartment alone. She felt locked in. For Maggie, this was extremely difficult – she was always social, and her daily caregiving tasks caused stress.

One day while out checking the mail, she chatted with another resident who lived two doors down. Helen had slowed down over the years and was now visited by a Beam home care aide every day – helping her with getting up out of bed and ready for the day. Helen asked how Bob was doing. Maggie sighed and explain how she really needed a break or just a few hours a week to herself.

Helen suggested she talk with Beam home care. They can look after Bob for a few hours each day or just days when Maggie wanted to go volunteer and go out and about. Maggie saw the Beam home care aide the next stay and schedule a time to talk later in the week.

At Beam, we help clients live life their way.

The Traveling Businesswoman

Meghan peered over her computer as her boss Mike came into her office. Meghan was up for a promotion, and had just completed a final panel interview for a new role leading a team of 15 people at her Fortune 100 company. Mike congratulated Meghan on earning the promotion, but was also concerned about her. Both of them knew the new job would involve travel 3-4 times a month. Meghan’s husband was an airline pilot – also out on international flights 3-4 times a month.

Meghan recently had her dad come live with her and her husband. Her dad, Paul, now aged 80 was fiercely independent. But, after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Paul need some help. Meghan got up early in the morning to help Paul before she went to work – and also helped him settle in at night. With the new role, this would be impossible.

Mike saw the concern on Meghan’s face. He recommended she try a home care company, like Beam. They can help Meghan out in the morning and evening. What’s more when she on the road and her husband is too – they can stay overnight and help Paul throughout the day.

At Beam, we help clients live life their way.

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