Senior Home Care Services

As we age, activities of daily living and routine habits sometimes become difficult to perform, or even impossible, without some added assistance. When that happens, seniors and their loved ones turn to Beam and our custom suite of non-medical in-home care services for help.

Our in-home care services are wide-ranging, and personally customized to meet each of our client’s individual and specific needs at every age and stage of life. There are many factors to consider when determining the amount and level of home care service you or your loved one may need.  This is why, before selecting your level of care, one of our carefully trained staff members will sit down with you or your family to learn more about your specific needs, help create a custom plan for how we can best serve you, and help you live life your way.

Medication Management

High-quality medication support made easy, step by step. Choose what’s right for you and your healthcare needs. We deliver pre-sorted medications to members’ homes that are clearly labeled in easy to use packaging.

Personal Care Services for Seniors

When the activities of daily living become too much to manage independently without an extra hand nearby, Beam is there to step in and help. Beam is the perfect choice for independent seniors who would like to remain in the comfort of their own home, but who just need that little bit of extra help with some of the activities of daily living. Choose Beam's in-home personal care services.

Under our attentive care, Beam in-home personal care service assistants will help you or your senior loved one perform the activities of daily living with the dignity and respect he or she deserves. This includes assistance with:

  • morning and evening routines
  • selecting clothes and getting dressed
  • grooming and proper hygiene
  • bathing and showering assistance
  • restroom use and continence care
  • walking and transitions
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    Every person is different, and the range of assistance each senior may require can vary depending on the task. Beam’s in-home personal care services are customized for each senior to receive as much or as minimal assistance as they want or need. Learn more about what these services entail, and how Beam’s in-home personal care services are designed to help each senior live life their way:

    Personal Assistance

    Beam personal care service assistants are careful, attentive, and ready to help provide personal assistance at a moment's notice. Many of the activities we take for granted in our youth, such as bathing, eating, and dressing, can become difficult later in life. Beyond assisting with the activities of daily living, providing companionship, and helping with light housekeeping duties, Beam personal care service assistants will also help ensure you or your loved one’s physical safety by providing a watchful eye and ready, standby assistance whenever you need it.

    Non-Medical Personal Care

    If you or a loved one could use an extra hand with some of the other activities of daily living at home, such as hygiene, grooming, getting dressed, medication reminders, etc., we are here and ready to help. Beam’s non-medical personal care service assistants provide seniors additional support during their morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime routines. This includes assistance navigating the house and getting in-and-out of medical devices. We encourage seniors to maintain as much self-sufficiency and independence as possible, but we are also ready to discretely step in and help when you need.

    Senior Safety in the Home and Bathroom

    According to the CDC, each year over 1.5 million seniors end up in hospitals and emergency rooms due to injuries related to falling. The National Institute on Aging reports 80% of these accidents take place in the bathroom. Promoting bathroom safety and senior-proofing your bathroom is a great idea, but not enough to actually protect you or your senior loved one if they were to experience an accidental slip and fall in the bathroom. Beam personal care service assistants help promote senior safety in the bathroom by providing a watchful eye and reassuring presence.

    Restroom Relief and Incontinence Support

    As we age, maintaining our dignity is important. We understand some seniors may feel uncomfortable needing assistance with toileting or incontinence care; however, Beam personal care service assistants are carefully trained to provide our clients discrete and compassionate help as we provide these services and assist with personal restroom activities.

Homemaker Services for Seniors

When keeping up with it all — the appointments, the errands, the cooking, cleaning, driving, and shopping — just becomes too overwhelming, or too much to keep it all straight anymore, Beam is there to step in and help. Beam homemaker services is the perfect choice for independent seniors who would like to continue living in the comfort of their own home, but who just need that extra little help to keep up with the hustle and bustle of daily modern life.

Many seniors feel an added sense of comfort and independence when they remain in their own home and familiar environment. That’s why Beam homemaker service assistants, guided by Beam’s Principle’s of Service, are trained help you or your loved one keep pace with the demands of modern life, so he or she can continue to enjoy the freedom, comfort, and quality of life he or she deserves.

Beam homemaker services includes assistance with:

  • menu planning, meal preparation and assistance at mealtime
  • transportation and running errands
  • shopping and appointments
  • cleaning and laundry
  • medication reminders
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    Learn more about what Beam homemaker services entail, and how Beam’s homemaker services are designed to help each senior live life their way:

    Healthy Senior Diet and Nutrition

    Eating well is important at every age and stage of life, but as we grow older, our food choices and eating habits become even more important. Studies by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, for example, show that “a good diet in your later years reduces your risk of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart diseases and certain cancers.” As we age, however, many seniors may lose interest in food; either due to changing taste buds, difficulties in chewing, issues with access to transportation, or even loneliness at mealtimes. The result is an invisible epidemic of nearly 1 in 4 older adults suffering from poor nutrition. Beam homemaker services can help. We will do it all – from menu planning, to grocery shopping, to meal preparation and assistance with feeding during mealtime. We want you to feel like your health and nutrition is top of mind, and an urgent priority for us– because it is.

    Errand and Transportation Assistance

    Keeping active and engaged is an essential step to achieving a healthy senior lifestyle. For seniors who no longer drive, public transit is the vital link that serves as their connection to the outside world. Unfortunately, however, nearly half of seniors feel the public transportation available in their community is not adequate, leaving many seniors with feelings of loneliness, isolation, and inadequacy.

    If it’s time to hang up the car keys, do so knowing Beam home maker service assistants are standing by, ready to take you where you need to go at a moment’s notice. With Beam’s errand and transportation assistance, seniors can once again regain their freedom, and live life their way.

    Light Housekeeping Services

    We are passionate about serving seniors, and helping each of our client’s to BEAM with pride, joy and confidence. A well-kept home helps make all the difference for seniors, who will enjoy greater feelings of well-being and health in an environment that is clean and organized. Based on the preference and ability of you or your senior loved one, Beam home maker service assistants will either assist with household chores, or take care of them altogether by dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and wiping down counters. This can also include help with laundry and ironing, as well as cleaning and organizing the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas in your home. We know your home is a place of comfort and security to you, and are eager to demonstrate the respect we have for all that your home represents and means to you.

Companionship Services for Seniors

As seniors age, they can sometimes lose touch with friends and family due to special circumstances that limit their ability to drive, travel, or otherwise stay meaningfully connected. We often focus on physical health as we age, but what about emotional and mental health? Isolation among seniors is a serious health issue, and multiple studies repeatedly affirm what many have already long known to be true: social engagement in our later years is key to sustaining a fulfilling life, and critical for having a healthy mind, body, and soul. In fact, recent studies show isolation can be just as bad for people as smoking, and even worse for your health than obesity. Another study linked social isolation and loneliness to a higher risk of mortality in older adults. The science is clear: staying engaged and socially connected as we progress into our golden years is an absolutely essential step to staying happy and keeping healthy.

Beam companionship service assistants are eager to see each senior we help BEAM with pride, joy, and confidence. We help meet the social needs of seniors by promoting opportunities for social engagement and interaction at home and with the greater community. Beam’s companionship services include:

  • coordinating social outings
  • providing meaningful conversation
  • reading aloud to seniors and playing games
  • pursuing hobbies and activities which are of interest to you or your senior loved one
  • encouraging an active lifestyle
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    By engaging with seniors on a meaningful level, and establishing lasting social connections with them, we help provide a renewed sense of meaning and purpose in each of the senior lives we serve. The time we spend together may include a focus on games, crafts, activities, and fun, or could be something as simple spending time outdoors together, or perhaps enjoying a movie with one another. By choosing Beam companionship services, we’ll engage with seniors on a meaningful level to both fulfill and exceed their social needs.

    Imagine someone who is there to:


    Beam clients love to reminisce —to relive the good ole days, affirm who they are, or share insights about their life. Beam companionship service assistants are there to listen and engage in these and other meaningful conversations.

    Encourage Participation

    A senior’s health and happiness often rely on them staying active and involved with life. Beam companionship service assistants are here to make the best of every moment for Beam clients, whether than entails planning visits to meet with family and friends, scheduling play dates with children, arranging trips to the zoo, coordinate shopping sprees, or making preparations for an afternoon full of crafts and scrapbooking. We’ll even help schedule vacations!

    Encourage Exercise

    We all know exercise is key to good health, but this may hold especially true for seniors. By participating in activities seniors enjoy, they are likely to remain independent and healthier for a longer period of time than if the reverse were true. Even then, however, additional stretching and exercise may be necessary to stay on top of one's health. Beam companionship service assistants are there to provide our clients encouragement for regular light exercise, and, if desired, accompany and provide them direct assistance.

Respite for Family Caregivers

Caring for an aging loved one can be a rewarding and meaningful experience, but also requires a great deal of physical, mental, and emotional stamina. Eventually, family caregivers must take a break from the responsibilities of caregiving in order to avoid burnout, and to stay healthy themselves. Unfortunately, feelings of guilt often prevent family caregivers from doing so, and taking the time that’s needed to fully rest and recharge.

When family caregivers need to step away and take a break, they rely on Beam and our respite care services to help see them through. Beam’s respite care services enables seniors to remain at home within the familiar comfort of their own environment. Knowing their senior loved one is safe at home and in good hands provides family caregivers true peace of mind, allowing them the opportunity to fully relax and receive the true break they need and deserve. Beam’s respite care services covers the full range of senior respite needs. Whether you need a few hours to just get away, or a few days or weeks to rest and fully recharge, Beam’s respite care services can help provide:

  • attentive and personal live-in care
  • assistance with activities of daily living
  • an extra hand with morning and evening routines
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    Assistance with Activities of Daily Living

    Beam’s respite care services also provide seniors and their loved ones attentive, personal care assistance with the activities of daily living, too. Each Beam respite care service assistant is trained to personalize the services we offer to allow each senior to as much or as minimal assistance as they want or need. When 24 hour assistance is needed, we’ll assign a few Beam respite care service assistants to serve over a period of shifts.

    Around the Clock Live-in Care

    Around the clock live-in respite care is a smart, flexible option for when a senior loved one has just returned home from the hospital, has mobility issue, or Alzheimer’s disease. It is available any time, and for as long as you would like or need.

    Sleep-Over Care

    If a loved one needs around the clock care, but does not need to be watched over for a full 24 hours, Beam sleep-over care is the answer for them. Clients give their assigned Beam home care caregiver a place to sleep, and are there for a few days or weeks to help your loved one.

    Overnight Care

    Some families, however, do not require around the clock support, and instead just need someone to attend to their loved ones needs while they themselves get some rest. In these instances, Beam’s overnight care is the most preferable option. With Beam's overnight care, an attentive Beam associate will care for your senior loved one, while you get some much-needed rest.


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